Printable Deposit Slip

The Printable Deposit Slip for Business and Organization Accounts is a convenient, effective and easy way for member businesses, churches and non-profit organizations to make deposits into their Kindred Credit Union Business or Organization operating accounts, using in-branch or night deposits.

Using the printable deposit slip is:

  • Convenient! Complete your deposit slip online, at a time that fits your schedule
  • Effective! Save a soft copy or print your deposit slips for your records
  • Easy to use!  The printable deposit slip automatically calculates totals for you
Here’s how it works:

Making In-Branch Deposits
  1. Be sure to complete all mandatory information fields on the deposit slip.  Mandatory information includes:
    • Depositor Name
    • Account Name, Account Branch Name, Account Number and Sub.
  2. Add other important information on the deposit slip, such as:
    • Documenting all cheques in the cheque listing space provided, or including a tape.
      Be sure to endorse all cheques with your business deposit stamp.
    • Listing all your cash and coins by denomination.
  3. Print the deposit slip.
    • When you have completed all entries, print your deposit slip – one copy for you and one copy for the credit union. Bring both slips to the branch with your deposit. When completing your deposit, the branch will stamp, initial and return the second copy to you.
    • Attach cheques and list tape (if you have any) to the deposit slip.
  4. Make your deposit at your Kindred Credit Union branch.

Making Night Deposits
* night deposits must be made through night depository vaults located at each of our eight branches.

  1. Complete Steps 1, 2 and 3 listed above in “Making In-Branch Deposits”.
  2. Place the deposit slip and contents in your night deposit bag. Keep the second
    printed copy for your files. 
  3. Place your deposit bag in a Kindred Credit Union night depository.

Contact your local branch for more information or to answer questions about the Printable Deposit Slip for Business and Organization Accounts.

Click here to download the Printable Deposit Slip for Business and Organization Accounts.


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