Online Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring our online services are as accessible as possible to all users. While there are no formal web accessibility requirements in Canada, we comply with the World
Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
These standards assist website developers by describing best practices for creating websites that are accessible
to all users.

Some of the ways we achieve online accessibility include:

  • Authoring all pages with Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) 1.0 Transitional and creating layouts with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that follow the principle of separating content from presentation. If you are having difficulty reading these web pages because of the colours or fonts, you can disable the CSS on your browser or modify the text size using the default controls built into your browser.
  • Providing a 'skip to content' link at the top of all pages, allowing you to quickly access the content on each page, while avoiding headers and navigation.
  • Creating pages that allow visually impaired users to navigate the site effectively with a screen reading aid. For example, images have text-based descriptions, title attributes tell users where a link will take them if they click on it and structured headings provide an overview of the site that let users jump quickly to desired sections.

We recommend users keep their browsers up-to-date to take advantage of new technologies. For more information on which browsers we support, visit the Browser Requirements section of this site.

If you have any difficulties accessing any aspects of the site, please contact us.


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