Business Borrowing

Kindred offers an array of products and services designed to fit any business, no matter what the size. We serve agriculture and commercial businesses, as well as churches and not-for-profit organizations. Our team of agricultural and commercial Account Managers in your community understand the business challenges you face and the opportunities ahead. With your best interests in mind, we will work together to explore options, set goals, and grow your business. We offer banking solutions and advice tailored to your needs through our eight full-service branches, ATMs, and phone, mobile, and online banking solutions.

Our flexible, competitive credit solutions include:

  • Agricultural and Commercial Mortgages: For construction, purchasing or refinancing land and buildings for your business.
  • Line of Credit: A convenient, flexible solution to cover your operating needs.
  • Loans: For capital expenses, purchasing equipment, or quota-based agricultural commodities.
  • Creation Care Loans: Offers a reduced interest rate to finance solar energy systems; geo-thermal heating/cooling; and any upgrades made as part of an eco-energy audit.

Kindred Understands Churches!

Business Solutions

Automated Funds Transfer (AFT): A quick and cost-effective way to process receivables, donations, and payroll transactions electronically.

First Data Merchant Services: Goes beyond basic processing to help merchants make secure transactions easier and faster.

Letters of Credit/Letters of Guarantee: Written assurance of your credit worthiness.

Farm Record Books: A record keeping and management tool for farm business.

Business and Succession Planning: Kindred Account Managers know and understand the needs of your business and are available to support you in your ongoing business planning and, when the time is right, succession planning services are available.

Standard terms and conditions apply to all Kindred borrowing products.

We encourage all members to exercise discipline and stewardship with the use of credit and repayment of debt.


Online Banking

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