Our Heritage

It all began on March 21, 1964 when twenty-two Waterloo County Mennonites got together and deposited $22 in a cash box with the idea of creating a credit union to serve members of their faith community.

This group of Mennonites were actively looking for ways to live out their faith in the modern world. Their desire was to apply their Anabaptist beliefs to the practical ways they carried 
out business in the broader society. And that is how Waterloo County Mennonite Credit Union was born.

Core Anabaptist principles include discipleship lived out in community, and a commitment to peace, social justice and mutual aid. J. Winfield Fretz, our primary founder, made the connection between these values and the underlying structure of a credit union as a way of managing community assets. It was these values that led to the creation of our credit union as a way for people of the church to conduct financial business in a way that was in keeping with their faith.

The alignment of the Anabaptist vision and credit union principles remains strong today and most certainly has played a role in our growth and success. It’s for this reason that it’s so vitally important we pass on the story and continue to demonstrate the values that have defined us since our beginning.

In 2016, we became Kindred Credit Union. Living out our founder’s original vision today motivates us to connect values and faith with finances inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities.


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