Co-operative Banking

Doing what's right is what cooperative banking is about

Welcome to Co-operative Banking!

Co-operative banking is banking that offers you all the great financial products, services and security you need to successfully manage your banking life.

But with one difference. A very powerful difference.

Co-operative banking is based on the idea that profits should have a higher purpose. They should be returned to you, in the form of great rates, better service, and as a share of earnings. And they should be put back into the community where you live.

An idea whose time has come.
An idea that’s right for you.

When you choose co-operative banking you’ll be much more than a customer, you’ll be a Member. Even better, you’ll be an Owner.

As a Member and Owner you’ll have every right to expect a very different kind of banking relationship, the kind that focuses on what’s right for you, instead of what someone wants to sell you. You can expect expert financial advice that is objective, always placing your best interests first.

You can expect banking that will make a difference to you and your community.

Kindred is part of the cooperative banking movement. Consider becoming a member today, or sharing this with someone you know who would appreciate being part of a credit union with community and values at the centre. Watch the videos below or visit Canada's Credit Unions to learn more!

Your interests come first with co-operative banking


You come first with co-operative banking.


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