Buy local. Bank local.

Buying local matters.

The choice to support local businesses in Ontario is a choice to keep our dollars growing in the very communities where we live, work and play. As these dollars are passed between local businesses and invested back into the community, their value increases. Jobs are created, wages go up, and everyone prospers. On the other hand, the choice to buy global may seem cheaper or more convenient, but it also takes your money out of the community – never to be seen again. Unfortunately, the same thing happens when you belong to a bank.

Do you know where your money goes?

Your bank may be down the street, but your money couldn’t be further away. Every deposit you make leaves your community, and is reinvested by your bank into who-knows-what and who-knows-where. The profits they make don’t come back to you, either. Those go to their largest shareholders. We think this is a bad deal for Ontario, and it’s most certainly a bad deal for you.

Local banking closes the loop.

Buying local closes the loop.

When you buy local, your money goes to small business owners and strengthens the economy we all rely on. But as a buy local supporter or entrepreneur yourself, belonging to a bank works against this. Joining a credit union is the only way to keep your money local – invested in the same local businesses, programs and people that matter to you. Can your bank say that?

We support local business because we are local business.

Ontario’s credit unions offer a full range of commercial lending, payment processing and business banking solutions, backed by dedicated Account Managers who understand the needs of local business in the markets they serve. Credit unions are proud to be a part of the Buy Local movement that’s sweeping Ontario, and we keep every dollar invested in your community, local businesses and people with a dream to make something better. People like you.

We work harder to get you the financing you need to grow.

While many small Ontario businesses require financing to get off the ground or take their business to the next level, the banks have traditionally ignored this market in favour of funding larger, more established companies. Not so with credit unions. Working with our small business members, we’re able to leverage the power of local decision-making to get them the financing they need. Many credit unions also offer micro-financing options for start-ups specifically.

Ontario's small businesses are evolving, and so are we.

Ontario’s home office, small office, micro and small businesses are some of the most underserviced banking customers around. Now, credit unions across the province are exploring partnerships with these local businesses to develop new tools, resources and support services aimed at improving every aspect of their operation. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to bank with a credit union today, the credit unions of Ontario are invested in you already.

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